Success Stories

We asked some children of Amachi a few are just some of their answers.

In the whole wide world, what makes you saddest?
  • When Mom doesn't come over when she says she is.
  • Not living with my parents and when Mom doesn't come home.
Why would you like to have a Big Brother or Big Sister and what do you think will be the best part?
  • Someone I can count on.
  • To help me do better.
  • So I can have someone reliable to talk to.
  • Because it is somebody I can talk to and depend on.
  • To have someone to help me out.
  • We could go places and hang out.
  • Someone to help me through school with homework.
What kind of person would you like for a Big Brother or Big Sister?
  • A cool dude who likes to play sports.
  • Someone who is fun and who I'm able to be open with.
  • I would like my Big Sister to be nice and someone I feel good around.
  • Someone who has lots in common with me.
  • Tall and likes to read and go to the library.
If you could have three wishes in the whole wide world, what would they be?
  • My dad to get out of jail.
  • Live with my mom and dad and still see grandma.
These same kids say this is what they want to be when they grow up:
  • Zookeeper
  • Lawyer
  • Teacher
  • Singer
  • Police officer
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